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1 review
I usually stick to basics with these types of chinese places...Best beef lo mein i ever tasted. The batch i got came out really good. A lot of chinese restaurants are hit and miss but this round they nailed it. The chicken wings were good, average, nothing special about them. They were what i expected from an american chinese food joint. But the beef lo mein was bomb! They dont use those big thick noodles. These noodles were smaller and i loved that. It was different from what im used too. Very flavorful! Would definitely order again when in the mood..


1 review
Beautifully presented Delicious food. My delivery arrived About 20 minutes earlier than they anticipated. The restaurant called me because I used the coupon for a free to leader and did not specify which kind. I really appreciate that because many places would make a generic selection for you Instead. The food was fresh and flavorful with great Portion sizes. The prices are very reasonable. Although this order was delivery I've been inside of the restaurant including their bathrooms and it Is kept very clean.


Top Reviewer
I Just ordered from here and I have to say that the food is absolutely amazing! #nomnomnom I felt like I was eating out of Phillipe chow or Tao in Ny. Just the taste alone is different from regular Chinese restaurants! It was so good I had to call the store and tell them how great the food is. I will definitely order from here again Great job !


Top Reviewer
Great food always ordered from them in person but was feeling lazy last night so I ordered through grub hub they recently renovatted their restaurant which looks way better place is clean and always packed their wings and fries are the crispiest in the pand ROFL I highly recommend this place 10 out of 10


2 reviews
The food is always good and the restaurant is very clean. I stopped ordering Chinese food a few years ago but this restaurant gives hope that there's good quality food. The staff is very polite and give you more then sufficient condiments. I would recommend this place to anyone I cared about.

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Original Number 1 Chinese Kitchen Reviews on Seamless


Top Reviewer
I am originally from New York and recently moved here to East Orange. I took a chance to order Chinese food, a staple I usually stay away from . The food at Original Number 1 is .. at the risk of sounding cliche.. number 1. The food is fresh, not at all greasy, very tasty without being over seasoned, and the customer service is great. My daughters and I enjoy Chinese food again after staying away from it for so long. We will continue to order from them on a regular. Thanks Original!!


2 reviews
My boyfriend and I just moved to the area and it was our first time ordering from here. Best Chinese we've had so far. My boyfriend loves Chinese fried chicken wings and even went out on a limb and got it with a side of fries. We were pleasantly surprised how good and crispy the chicken and fries were. Who knew you can get good fries as a Chinese restaurant! The order came right on time and we were very happy with the quality.


3 reviews
I ordered from this place two times because their food was AMAZING! I ordered the chicken with broccoli and my boyfriend got himself fried shrimp rice and general tso chicken; our meals came out so delicious! They cooked it very well and their delivery timing was on the point. Will definitely order from this place again whenever we have a rainy day.


1 review
I ordered the vegetable soup the broth was flavorful and the vegetables still had a crunch to it and there is also tofu in the soup . I also ordered shrimp with vegetables which was also great .Best soup I had from take out ever and the delivery was speedy


Top Reviewer
Much better than the typical fast food Chinese places you find, in my opinion. Less greasy, brighter flavors, overall better quality. The pork dumplings were a bit spicy, which was not expected, but still delicious. Give it a try!

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